Uni-Metal Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a new prominent engineering workshop and dependable manufacturer catering for the needs of the Automotive Industries, Oil & Gas Industries, Heavy Equipment, Construction & Industrial Sectors.

We belief that our clients would be highly satisfied with our up to date facilities and state of art technologies from our CNC ( Computer Numerical Control ) machineries, CAD/CAM software and inspection facilities.

We have a team of skilled and experienced personnel to cover a wide range of discipline for the manufacture of components and assemblies.We are able to provide all general engineering services to suit your requirements.

Every engineering job is handled with the utmost care, from the moment an order is taken to the final dispatch of the finished product to the client.This will ensure that the client will have the exact desired finished product, with full satisfaction.

Our great team provides a service that includes machining of materials such as various stainless steel, mild steel, forged carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminium, teflon, nylon, etc. We are able to provide gold, nickel, silver, tin, blue zinc, surface and plating treatment services.

Uni-Metal Industries Sdn Bhd has the synergy in all its members to push forward with great co-operation & efforts to forge the company to greater heights. Our company has ISO 9001 certification to ensure all our finished products are within International Standard Organization procedures. We are well prepared and equipped to take on any challenge in the new millennium.